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Imagine there are no limitations. 


We are entrepreneurs, engineers and passionate cake lovers. Industrial bakeries around the globe choose us for our ability to see new opportunities in the market and respond quickly with innovative and customised cake machines.


Our background

One of the characteristics that unite us as a team is our strong drive to move forward and create innovative solutions. We always look for improvements in our recipes, our machines and even our industry. Custom-made cake machines are an excellent example of this. In the past, these designs were defined by the manufacturer; today, our customers' needs are leading. We've encouraged and facilitated that change.


We have an entrepreneurial mindset and have always been interested in what the end-consumers are looking for. Our ability to observe trends in the market, develop new recipes and use this to generate business makes us different.


These two values, innovation and entrepreneurship, are at the heart of our company. They are reflected in our solutions: Cake Concepts helps industrial bakeries to generate and seize new business opportunities with customised cake machines. We've developed a series of machines for pancakes, fun cakes and just any other cake idea.


Cake Concepts helps industrial bakeries to generate and seize new business opportunities with customised cake machines.


It all came together in 2012 when we established cake Concepts, and the company has been growing ever since. Our staff has a long track record of valued experience in the food and machine industry. We've used this experience to build a strong reputation: industry insiders know us as a 'boutique manufacturer' of cake machines. Our machines are being designed, engineered and produced in The Netherlands and meet the highest quality standards.


We've now matured into a lean and healthy company. Our focus is to minimise our overhead and remain flexible, keep our costs low and communicate responsively. Cake Concepts serves clients from both our headquarters in Amsterdam and with local representation across the world. Our customers appreciate our creativity, ingenuity and our understanding of their local market.


Why Cake Concepts?

Innovative bakeries look for flexibility so that they can respond to market trends quickly. We give our customers the opportunity to do this and differentiate from their competition. Our unique applications and customised machines are based on reliable and proven technology.


We add entrepreneurship to being a respected machine manufacturer. We look at the commercial side of our client's business through this lens, which allows us to design highly profitable cake machines. This is the essence of what we love to do and why we Cake Concepts founded.


Cake Concepts is not just a supplier of equipment; we are a strategic partner that helps bakeries move their business forward. We develop innovative concepts to generate new business opportunities in the market, hence the name 'Cake Concepts'. We take all aspects of business development into account: the market, the recipes, the financial side and of course, the technology.


Our customised cake machines allow our customers to respond to market developments quickly.


Leading industrial bakeries choose Cake Concepts because

  • we communicate responsively;

  • we share our experience;

  • we offer customised solutions that fit their needs;

  • we have our own laboratory for developing new recipes;

  • we are highly specialised;

  • we know the cake market and follow its trends closely;

  • we build reliable machines;

  • we are entrepreneurs who challenge them;

  • we help them to grow their business.


How are we different?

We're not only excellent engineers and machine builders but also savvy businessmen and creative entrepreneurs. We truly understand our customers and take the time to listen to their requirements. We then tailor our design so that our solution perfectly matches the needs of our client. This flexibility makes us a "boutique shop" for custom-made cake machines. It allows our customers to respond quickly to changes in the market, which gives them a competitive advantage.


About our clients

Our customers are innovative, industrial bakeries around the world. Being a strategic partner, we cooperate directly with ambitious business owners with a long-term mindset. Product developers, engineers and consultants also approach us.


Regardless of their role, they all have a few things in common: they are experts in their fields, can take important decisions, and are driven to invest in the future of their company. Moreover, our clients value responsive communication, seeking a customer-focused supplier and appreciating reliable technical solutions.


Our values


Innovation means: always moving forward. Through our products, we empower our clients and enhance our industry. We enjoy developing new concepts, improving existing cakes products and generating market opportunities. That is the demanding challenge and key value of our company. To us, there are no limits, only challenges.


Always moving forward



We've learned that we like to work with visionaries since they challenge the market, are not afraid to invest in the future, and take decisive action. We have an entrepreneurial mindset, and we consider it our pleasure to work with like-minded people.


Our vision

People love cakes. They always have, and they always will. But they also like variety and are curious about new tastes, new forms and new recipes. A recent example is a current interest in so-called functional food. Next year, it may be something else.


We've seen that the most successful bakeries can respond to shifting demands quickly. Therefore, we help our clients spot new business opportunities and react at an early stage. This requires a profound understanding of the available technologies, the latest trends in the market, and the ability to act flexibly.


This is what Cake Concepts offers. We build customised cake machines for innovative bakeries around the world. Our machines are large enough to be efficient yet small enough to be flexible and respond to new market opportunities quickly. This makes us a strategic partner for industrial bakeries who want to grow their business. 

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