Overview of the funcake machine

Make a funcake with our automatic and industrial Manju cake making machine. The funcake is a unique and attractive 3D product, which is based on the traditional Japanese Manju cake. The centre consists of a flavoursome, delicious filling. Countless spectacular design variations are possible with our industrial and automatic Manju cake making machine.

Funcake of monkey


Spectacular looks

The mould is closed during baking, allowing leavening agents in the recipe to generate a gentle pressure during baking. The pressure pushes the batter outwards, meaning the contours of the mould are followed accurately. This guarantees a smooth cake surface and makes even the smallest design details visible.

Imagine any shape

Funcakes can be created in any shape with our industrial and automatic Manju cake making machine. This is the case because of the unique design process, which uses 3D design tools to sculpt any form into the baking moulds. Swapping moulds is simple, allowing countless designs.

Delicious filling

Every bite of a funcake is full of rich flavour, because the fillings are added before baking and follow the contours of the mould, allowing a high filling ratio. In addition to fillings, solid particles can also be added to the industrial and automatic Manju cake making machine.


Funcake production process 
Reliable & efficient results - every single time.

We bake the funcakes in moulds made from solid brass or cast iron. The mould captures a lot of heat. As soon as the batter hits the mould, it begins to bake. Even before it has reached the oven.

Before entering the oven, a portion of filling is placed on the batter, the mould is closed and turned to distribute the batter evenly over the mould. Once in the oven, the mould is turned one more time.

This way, Cake Concepts achieved an evenly coloured cake product with filling entirely in the centre of the cake before the batter starts to set. In the oven, heat is distributed over the moulds gradually and evenly with the gas burners or electrical heaters.

Finally, as the moulds leave the oven, they are opened and the funcakes are de-moulded and cooled before packaging. Before the next cycle, the moulds are checked and coated with a releasing agent.




Evenly colored cakes, perfectly centered filling

The solid cast iron or brass moulds in our industrial and automatic Manju cake making machine have great heat retention properties. This means that the batter starts cooking when it is deposited in the moulds. To ensure the batter and filling are distributed evenly, the mould is turned during baking.

Smooth product surfaces; with precise shape

The moulds are closed during baking, building pressure within. This pressure ensures that the batter follows the contours of the mould perfectly, creating perfectly shaped, beautiful funcakes.


The industrial and automatic Manju cake making machine runs with any number of moulds. Sensors detect the position and temperature of the moulds and it only deposits batter if everything is set correctly. This allows the machine to run with only a few moulds; this is convenient for starting-up, for cleaning during production or for developing new products.

Easy-to-swap baking moulds

Swapping moulds is effortless, because the moulds are not fixed to the machine. Our larger machines feature automatic mould eject and insert functions. This minimises downtime, as you are able to swap out a complete set in under 15 minutes and get back online.

Opening & Depanning

Second baking section

First baking section


Mould exit / in-feed

Oil application





Mould closing

Customise the machine for unique applications


The automatic and industrial Manju cake making machine can be customised to perfectly adhere to your wishes. Discuss your needs with us by getting in touch, you can reach us by calling +31 202 600 418 or by sending an email to You could also read our highlights to find out what our industrial baking solutions can do for you.


Stainless Steel Frame
Fully automatic

Output: 200 - 550 kg/hr

Capacity: 7000 - 25000 pcs/hr

Any custom specification posisible


The Manju cake is a very attractive three-dimensional cake with filling. We transformed the Manju cake into the funcake with super appealing looks. Funcake products are centre-filled cakes with a typical weight ranging from 10-40 grams. The filling portion of the cake can be up to 30-40% of the product weight. The real attraction is the unlimited variation of the shape. Many spectacular designs are possible with our industrial and automatic Manju cake making machine and the variation in the filling is unlimited.

Funcake bear shape with filling and chocolate



We developed a cake production machine like no other on the market today, which is a must-have for every modern industrial bakery. Unique is how the machine applies fillings before baking. The integration of the filling into the product is what makes the funcake such a unique and intensely delicious experience for consumers. By using closed moulds, we can achieve smooth surfaces and sharp graphics that are not possible with other technologies.


Medovnik cakepops made on funcake machine



Center filled cakes

Any shape; simple or complex

Multi-color and filling

Weight: 5 - 35 gr

Size: 25 - 75 mm

Many custom applications


Topkek filled spiral shaped cakes made on funcake machine
Cakepops with filling and coated with chocolate made on funcake machine




Sandwich waffle made on funcake machine wiht chocolate filling