Overview of sandwich pancake machine
Overview of sandwich pancake machine

Our pancake making machine transforms the traditional pancakes we all know and love into even more delicious, convenient products: the filled sandwich pancake, called dorayaki. The irresistible fillings keep consumers coming back for more bite after bite. The countless variations and sharp, attractive printing, enables endless possibilities with our pancake production system.

pancake on machine with filling




The smooth surface of the pancakes enables the application of a bright print. This application is created by heat transfer and any design is possible with our dorayaki production machine. Changing the design is very easy and requires minimal investment.

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After the application of filling, the systems seal the sandwich pancake. In every bite, you can taste the rich flavours. The pancakes pockets are very convenient to consume and perfect for snacking.

Pure taste

Cool the pancakes after baking to be able to apply chilled dairy, such as ice cream or savoury fillings. Our pancake making machine is perfect for producing the healthy, clean label products demanded by today’s consumer.



Industrial pancake production

Sandwich pancake systems are composed of two machines. First, the pancakes are filled and then sandwiched. The pancake and sandwiching machines run independently but are fully synchronised.

For baking, we use a copper alloy plate. The extraordinary heat retention capacity produces a very smooth pancake surface. Both gas and electricity can be used as a heat source to bake the products. Adjust the baking time by changing the speed of the griddle and the position of the depositor. A top-mounted heater on the pancake production system cooks the pancake from above before flipping.

The positions of both the top-mounted heater and flipper can also be fine-tuned to suit different recipes. Below the dorayaki production machine, the griddle plates are cleaned and oil is applied to ensure pancakes are released correctly.

The sandwiching machine first aligns the products arriving from the pancake machine and then turns half of the pancake rows over to apply the filling. The other row of pancakes is not turned – they remain face up to allow printing. Finally, the pancake is ready for sandwiching and will be sealed to keep the filling in. The sealing unit can either close the pancake keeping the filling inside or just sandwich it, leaving the edges open.




Industrial machine

We design our sandwich pancake systems for industrial applications and continuous production. Every component of a pancake making machine complies with the strictest industrial and food safety standards.

Clear print

The print unit covers almost the whole pancake surface and precisely creates images and text. The print head can be replaced very easily for different designs.

Flexible and modular

All functions like depositing, sealing, printing etcetera are built as modular units. This makes them easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance or to move the position on the line.

Pancake sealing

The sealing unit of the pancake production system is carefully designed to handle delicate pancakes. After alignment, the pancakes are lifted by vacuum and are perfectly sealed. The sealing unit lifts the pancakes and seals them.

Safe, reliable, clean

We engineer our dorayaki production machine for a clean and ultra-reliable operation. All electrical components are contained within the frame. This design guarantees excellent sanitation and cleaning conditions. To heat the pancake making machine, either gas or electricity is used.

Endless variations

Since the modular design is so flexible, many variations are possible. Modules can be added, moved or modified to suit custom product requirements, like double filling or triple sandwiches.

Griddle & Batter depositor


Line-up conveyor 

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Batter depositor

Oil application




Filling depositor

Sandwich unit

Seal unit

Let us customise your machine for your applications


Our sandwich pancake systems can be modified to adhere to your demands and wishes. Get in touch with Cake Concepts to discuss your preferences and we will inform you about the possibilities of our pancake production system. You can reach us by calling +31 202 600 418 or by sending an email to Also, feel free to read our highlights to find out more about our dorayaki production machine and our other industrial baking solutions.


Stainless Steel Frame

Fully automatic

Output: 200 - 550 kg/hr

Capacity: 6000 - 12000 pcs/hr

Custom specifications are available


The sandwich pancake is inspired by the traditional Japanese 'dorayaki'. This original dorayaki is made from two single pancakes filled with a sweet red bean paste (called 'anko') and sealed. Cake Concepts has transformed the classic pancake into a very delicious and appealing product. A unique mix of tradition and convenience!


In many different cuisines from around the world, the pancake takes on various forms. The Sandwich Pancake Machine transforms these into tasty, bite-size products.

Sandwich pancake wiht print and showing the filling


The machine is equipped with surface printing to create attractive pancakes for fun, marketing, or simply to indicate flavour. Any combination of size, recipe and filling is possible. The filling – sweet, savoury or dairy – is applied after baking. Pancakes can be completely sealed, half-open or sandwiched (left open at the sides). Create even more variation by combining ingredients in the recipe or covering the product in chocolate. Our sandwich pancake systems combine tradition and convenience in a perfect way to create customised baked goods.

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Single or sandwich with filling

Burger or sealed sandwich

Weight: 30 - 50 gr

Diameter: 70 - 90 mm

Countless customised products are possible.



Rainbow pancake with filling to show the options of the pancake machine




Sandwich pancake with co-extrusion doubel filling




Chocolate and cream filled pancake roll