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Fun Cake with your Logo !

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

IBA 2015  Special

At the IBA you can visit us and design your own logo. We will make the mould and bake fresh Fun-Cakes with your logo. Al you have to do is visit stand B6.385. >> Goto IBA site plan

Cake Concepts logo

First step

This is how it works. First we discuss what the design should be. It can be any shape, your company logo, or any custom design. As an example take our company logo.

Logo in funcake mould

Second step

Then we translate the logo into the mould design, and mirror it. Over night we machine the mould in aluminum as designed. Your personal design is then inserted in the mould. Now the mould is ready to start baking.

Funcake with logo impress

Final step

We place the insert in the mould and bake the fun cake with your custom design. We bring it to the booth to review and for collection.

This process is identical for all our equipment. The personal sample we make is a perfect reference for the capabilities of the industrial machines; not just a gimmick. After the IBA we can make as many samples as requested to help develop new Tasty Cake Concepts.

For this application we use a general mould with a daisy flour design. Of-course this can be changed and customized. Meet us to discuss the many options we can offer.



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