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The future of pancakes: the EVO II pancake machine explained

Updated: Feb 23

Following the market trends, pancakes are currently a very popular product. Our current pancake machine has proven to be highly successful in addressing this demand. It is user-friendly, reliable, and produces perfect pancakes. Over time, we have observed that there are different directions in which we can improve our technology in order to excel. Several of our loyal customers have inquired;

... what other products can we make on the line to be more flexible and secure the investment ...

In this blog, we will explain how we can simultaneously enhance the flexibility and reliability of the pancake machine. This involves introducing different components and improving product options of the next generation of pancake machines. We call this innovation the EVO II machine, the second evolution of pancake machines. 

Exclusive features of our EVO II sandwich pancake machine

Flipping the pancakes is a characteristic step in the baking process.

Copper baking plates with pancakes and flipper.
This is how the pancakes are flipped on a traditional machine.

Actually, we have completely removed the flipping feature, so there is no more flipping!

To maintain the traditional pancake looks, we added a top-heater in combination with the heated-top-griddle. Instead of flipping the pancake, we 'flipped' the griddle to cook the pancake without changing its position. 

Top heater on pancake machine
The top-heater to pre-cook and puff the pancakes.

Heat press on pancake machine
Heated-top-griddle to bake pancake and press from the top without moving it.

These smart and simple improvements generate a big potential for new product options, as explained below. After cooking, the pancake needs to be transferred to the sandwiching machine for further processing.

Transfer unit and flip-flop for pancake machine
The pick-and-place unit ensures a controlled transfer from the copper baking plates onto the conveyor belt, with flip-flop to turn the pancake.

The transfer unit takes two rows of pancakes, dropping one row onto the sandwiching machine and positioning the other row on the flip-flop unit. With a rotating movement, one row of pancakes is flipped and made ready for printing. The flip-flop unit ensures that the pancakes remain stable while turning and prepares them for printing, filling, and stacking.

Why should you choose our EVO II sandwich pancake machine?

It is now possible to create pancakes in any shape without worrying about the product alignment. In addition to the traditional round shape, also oval or square pancakes can be made on the same machine. The EVO II machine even allows for heart-shaped sandwich pancakes. To make shaped pancakes, a template depositor will be used instead of the traditional depositor. In our next blog, we will explain this technology and the unlimited options it offers.

Since the flipper has been removed, further product extensions are possible. The next featured option is replacing the flat plates with profiled baking plates, which will allow the creation of shaped pancakes with a textured surface. Imagine a smiley face, your company's mascot, or familiar waffle shapes on the pancake. 

Copper baking shapes on the EVO II pancake sandwich machine.
The baking plates don't have to be flat.

Removing the flipper and keeping the pancakes perfectly oriented throughout the process makes the EVO II machine able to create any pancake shape. Thanks to this, the pancakes remain perfectly aligned, whatever the shape is. 

The decision to skip flipping pancakes has unlocked new possibilities on the same machine. We can now include mini-pancakes with a diameter of 40-50 mm on the same production line.

The dispenser creates mini-pancakes.
The EVO II can also create mini-pancakes, with a diameter of 40-50 mm.

The key benefits of EVO II innovation are:

  • Unlimited product configurations: this allows you to make successful products, which translates into more market possibilities and, therefore, is a more secure investment.

  • Simplified process to make pancakes: something that makes the process shorter and more efficient.

  • Improved reliability: enhanced control of the process translates into a faster and more reliable production of pancakes.

  • Easier machine operation: additionally, that reduces the mistakes and the amount of people involved in the process.

See the complete animated movie for a full explanation.

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